baby showering delights

For anyone who keeps up my with ever interesting life, you know that my best gal pal Alexandra is as preggers as can be.  You also know that my other best gal pal, Hollie, and I had been planning a baby shower for Alex ever since we basically found out baby Indigo was on the way.  Though planning it got a tad bit stressful at times (seriously, why don’t people understand the concept of RSVPing any longer?), it was completely worth it in the end.  I tip my hat to my co-host Hollie, along with my mother and sisters/Hollie’s mother, because I’d say we really did quite the fantastic job for being the amateur party planners that we are.  Something was off with the lighting, so the pictures didn’t really turn out as best as I’d hoped for, but alas, I hope you enjoy.

We stuck with our simple theme of pastels/florals for the decor.  Assisted by Hollie’s younger brother Jonathan (or more commonly referred to as Jon-Jon), the two of us hung up last minute streamers, banners, and paper flowers like our lives depended on it.  Notice Jonathan’s artistic streamer hanging skill a few pictures down- he created that fantastic AP (Alex Parker) + Indigo signage on the wall.  Subtle details such as colorful birds and lace in the sunflowers to the perfectly adorable plates and napkins really helped bring it all together.  Also, Holls brought out her fancy record player for the occasion, spinning some lovely music ranging from The Supremes to The Beatles and of course, Simon and Garfunkel.  Perfect soundtrack for the afternoon, if I do say so myself.

Food was what we were most worried about, but in the end, we were actually OVER-prepared.  It’s one of those good problems, ya know? I made all sorts of cookies, and by all sorts I mean chocolate chip and some “creative” sugar cookies (notice my creativity by that vaguely recognizable yellow icing baby bottle below).  My mother and I also worked really hard the previous morning on making some white chocolate and sprinkle covered Oreo cookie pops.  They were supposed to look like this, but the internet is a deceptive beast, and they were much harder to make than expected.  But they turned out so cute, and SO tasty!  I was pretty proud.  Nothing screams classy like eclairs and cream puffs, so Hollie, with her keen eye for class, added those to the tasty mix.  My mother also crafted the most perfect fruit salad filled watermelon baby carriage!  I couldn’t believe she took the time to do such an adorable thing.  We were planning to stick to an all dessert theme, but Hollie’s mother came through with some tasty wraps and chicken tenders to feed those who lacked a sweet tooth, and what a good idea that was!  Some pink lemonade, and an odd looking cake from Kroger completed our tastiest of tasty spreads.

And what’s a proper baby shower without some fun and games?! I feel like the games we chose could not have gone over any better than they did.  We played the belly measuring game, a baby food tasting challenge, and a PlayDoh crafting activity.  The last two games took on a slightly grotesque nature at times, what with tasting foods such as “Ham, Rice, and Pineapple” and the mothers crafting an umbilical cord attachment to their PlayDoh models, but much hilarity ensued.  Then came the opening of presents, which is always an adorable portion of the day.  As if the pictures didn’t show it, all in all, we had a blast.

Numerous mingles ensued throughout the afternoon, and plenty of laughs were shared.  I love all the ladies who were present, they were so much fun to be around.  It was a great day spent celebrating the little one that’s soon to enter our lives.

I hope Indigo realizes how excited we all are for her, especially her Aunts Karla, Hollie, and Adge (who was unable to attend the shower due to the fact that she was flying from from Africa).  I can’t wait to see her in all her precious new duds, but more importantly, I can’t wait for Alex to finally become a mommy.  We are all just SO ready! Only a few more weeks to go.  Whether it was the colors, the decor, the food, or the smiles, I hope this little baby shower we threw inspired you in some way! We baked, we crafted, we planned like there was no tomorrow.  I don’t know how all these famous domestic divas do-it, but I have a whole new realm of respect for them.  Throwing a get together like this, whether it’s a baby shower or a birthday party, may seem intimidating, but it’s honestly one of the most rewarding things in the end.  You will come out of it feeling so very accomplished, and so very happy.  Thanks again for everyone who attended, and helped make this day special for the mommy to be.



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